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Our Mission

The Boys’ Room is a mission-based affinity program designed to support Black & Brown boys  grades 3-8 as they navigate their journey through elementary school, middle school and beyond. 

This program is designed to mentor, support, and empower these boys in a critical time in their development through building relationships with a group of peers.

Our Mission

Our Goals

For the young Black & Brown boys that we serve, our goals are:

  • To cultivate a solid foundation for them to consistently succeed socially, emotionally & academically.

  • ​To connect with peers & form a unique bond of brotherhood.

  • To give them permission to freely express themselves comfortably with no judgement.

  • To celebrate their differences.

  • To dismantle the misconceptions and stereotypes of BEING Black & Brown boys​.

  • To allow & to encourage them to be their true authentic selves-unapologetically!!

  • To acknowledge that THEY Matter!! Their VOICE matters!! Their OPINIONS matter!!

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Our Goals

Cindy McField-Asamoah

Our Founder

I am a mother that is on FIRE for the growth, development, and future of my two little brown boys! I saw a need for a program that would be exclusively dedicated to empowering little Black and Brown boys in elementary and middle schools and decided to start one. When I was a child growing up in an immigrant household, I went to school where I was 1 of 3 Brown students in a sea of White classmates beginning in 5th grade all the way to high school. I can relate to how it felt being different & a little brown person in the room. What I am offering these boys today did not exist when I was growing up in MA. There were no social programs that equipped me on how to deal with my feelings & experiences or showed me how to navigate my school journey.

Having a platform today for our boys to safely discuss issues, topics, and feelings is so critical that I’ve decided to create and hold space to mentor, support, and empower them!

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a Real Estate Broker License and have over 25 years of experience working with people. Early on in my professional career, before real estate, I worked as a social worker at a middle school in CT facilitating peer groups for children. I bring my experience, wisdom, and knowledge to “The Boys’ Room” to create the most powerful and impactful program for our boys and their well-being! I invite you to JOIN NOW! You'll be so happy that you did. 

Our Founder


"Cindy is building bridges and closing the gap on divides."

P. Zhou

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