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Self-Expression &
Leadership Training For
Black and Brown Boys

Attending Predominately White Schools

Mentorship & Support


Like many parents who have enrolled their sons into a predominately white school you might be wondering, "Did I make the right choice?".


The truth is, despite yours and the school's best efforts, your son will likely experience micro-aggressions along with subtle and perhaps even overt racism. Such experiences often cause our black and brown boys to suffer an identity crisis, a loss of self-confidence and feelings of isolation.


How your son navigates such experiences can make the difference in his social-emotional development and academic progression. Having the kind of coaching and community provided by The Boys' Room can empower your son in and outside the classroom, and support him becoming an extraordinary leader of self and others.


"The Boys Room has encouraged our son to build close friendships with other children.  He quoted Cindy quoting Roy T. Bennett-’Don't wait for the right moment to start, start and make each moment right."

S. Williams

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